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2020                  "Fashioning Women’s Rights: Suffragists’ Political Style and Its Visual Legacies,” Public

                           Lecture, Avenir Museum, Colorado State University


2020                 "Beyond Suffrage: Women's Reform Networks and the Road to Women's Rights,"                                                   Public Lecture, Seigal Life Learning Center, Beachwood, OH

2019-present   Associate Topical Editor, Women’s and Gender, Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

2019-2020        “Fashioning Suffrage: Suffragists’ Political Style and Its Visual Legacies”, Lecture                                                  Series as part of the Indiana Humanities Council Speakers’ Bureau

2019                  “Fashioning American Citizens: Jewish Immigrants in the Land of Dollars”, Public                                               Lecture, JCC Youngstown, OH

2017                   “Bending the Rules: Dress and Power in the Jazz Age,” Cleveland Museum of Art, a                                               public talk in connection with “The Jazz Age” exhibition, Cleveland, OH

2016                   Consultant, Political Fashion Statements exhibition, Cleveland History Center,                                                     Cleveland, OH

2015                    “Flappers and the Politics of Women’s Freedom,” ‘Flapper Style: 1920s Fashion’                                                    Exhibition Lecture Series, Kent State University Museum, Kent, OH 

2014                    “From Downton Ladies to Modern Flappers: Fashion and Women’s Liberation in the                                           Roaring Twenties,” Winterthur Museum, ‘Downton Within, Downton Beyond’:                                                     Costumes of Downton Abbey Exhibit Lunchtime Lecture Series, Winterthur, DE

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